Peter Locke & the Allstars

El Horses, 22 Berry St, Nowra

The Peter Locke trio and special guest John Morrison.

The Peter Locke Trio was formed with the sound of Nat "King" Cole's trio in mind.

"We don't necessarily 'copy' Nat Cole as such but more attain that ambience in the sound of a tight, swinging trio. Remember of course that Nat Cole's trio was the inspiration for Oscar Peterson's first trio - that is piano/guitar/bass. Everyone wanted to sound like Nat, even Ray Charles, early on, was singing and playing like Nat Cole.

"We do a few of the Cole arrangements but mainly we want to carry this trio forward with that 'sound' and just play hot swinging trio.

Fantastic jazz quartet. World Class.

Peter Locke - piano and trumpet.

Mark Walsh - double bass

Robbie Brice - Guitar and flute

John Morrison - Drums