Headline band: Post

Bio: With their sophomore album ‘Fitzville’, Post evolves from being purely the work of writer/producer Matthew Wykniet to incorporate in-depth collaborations, resulting in an album that links the sonic worlds of Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and the National. The songs are meditations on grief, love and constancy; rather than moving in the arc of a timeline they shift between the past and present fluidly. Depending on where in the story you are, piano glows gently, glitchy electronic basslines and 808s pulse and huge guitar riffs rip the roof off the thing. The album is tied together by both lyrical and musical motifs that hide in its rich layers, but is written thoughtfully enough and beautiful enough musically to make you catch your breath on the first listen.

Support band: Sampson

Sampson is a Sydney Psych-Pop-Rock group hailing from the South Coast of NSW. The 5-piece formed back in 2016 with founding members Daniel Hockey (lead vocal, guitar), Joel Morrow (lead guitar), and the Sampson twins; Matthew (bass, BVs, synth), Brendan (drums), before Sam Langley (synth) joined two years later once the band relocated to Sydney.

Inspired by artists such as Tame Impala and Methyl Ethel, Sampson’s music showcases their love for psychedelic layers. Dabbling in hip-hop drum beats and making the most of catchy pop melodies, they blend genres in a way that advances their psych-rock base. Sampson explore diverse ranges of sound and texture, all produced DIY.